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We’re solving a $350B problem & flipping healthcare on its head.

It costs hospitals over $350B just to get paid by insurance companies. That’s billions of dollars that could be going toward patient care - but isn’t.

Much of this cost is spent on manually correcting data gaps in patient records before the insurance filing process begins. That’s where we come in.

SmarterDx uses clinical artificial intelligence to systematically detect and fill in these data gaps. In the short term, this means more revenue for hospitals and the people providing care. In the long term, this unlocks a data layer that can be used to improve healthcare research, quality, and delivery.


A small (but mighty) tech & product driven team.

We started with highly technical co-founders (physician-SWE hybrids & a quant engineering director from a global investment bank). Our current team (ex-ASF, ex-Google, ex-Meta, and other super cool people) is still small - but we’re looking to grow.


Hospitals need to have this problem solved.

We bootstrapped to >$1M in contracted revenue, and have since closed a round led by Floodgate (Twitter, Twitch, Lyft) & Flare Capital. There is market demand for us to 10X in the next 18 months and we have enough runway to last us 2 years.

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